Unlocking the Potential of Advanced Multivariate Process Control for Power Generation Facilities

In the research landscape of process industries, the quest for identifying and implementing effective strategies for advanced multivariate process monitoring and control is a perpetual challenge. In this regard, STATISTICA MultiStream emerges as a comprehensive solution package tailored to address the intricate demands of these industries. While originally designed for process industries in general, this paper emphasizes its particular relevance and exceptional benefits in the context of power generation facilities. South African researchers and academics exploring avenues to leverage the collected data into specialized process databases for multivariate and predictive process control can find invaluable insights within STATISTICA MultiStream.

Understanding STATISTICA MultiStream: A Holistic Overview

STATISTICA MultiStream offers an all-encompassing approach to address the complexities of process industries, going beyond standard monitoring and control techniques. This software is uniquely positioned to facilitate power generation facilities in their pursuit of optimal performance and resource utilization. By integrating seamlessly with existing specialized process databases, STATISTICA MultiStream enables the extraction of valuable data-driven information for actionable advisory systems.

The Significance of Multivariate Process Control in Power Generation

In the context of power generation facilities, the need for precise control and monitoring of complex processes is paramount. Multivariate process control offers a holistic view of interconnected variables, unveiling patterns, trends, and potential anomalies that might remain obscured by univariate approaches. Understanding these complex interdependencies is crucial to enhance operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and optimize resource allocation.

Leveraging Data for Enhanced Process Control

STATISTICA MultiStream empowers power industries by tapping into the treasure trove of data collected from various sources. By analyzing and integrating multivariate data, the software assists researchers and professionals in uncovering critical insights and relationships among process variables. This comprehensive understanding, in turn, facilitates the formulation of effective process control strategies, aiding in the mitigation of operational challenges.

Predictive Process Control: Anticipating and Preventing Issues

One of the key strengths of STATISTICA MultiStream lies in its predictive capabilities. By utilizing advanced algorithms and statistical models, the software can anticipate potential process deviations or faults before they manifest. This proactive approach allows power generation facilities to take preventive measures, thereby minimizing disruptions and ensuring a smooth operational flow.

Actionable Advisory Systems: Merging Analysis with Decision-Making

STATISTICA MultiStream not only provides in-depth analysis but also bridges the gap between analysis and decision-making through actionable advisory systems. By offering practical and context-aware recommendations, the software empowers researchers and professionals to make informed choices and respond effectively to dynamic operational conditions.


STATISTICA MultiStream stands as a powerful tool in the realm of multivariate process monitoring and control. Specifically tailored for power generation facilities, its seamless integration with existing specialized process databases enables the South African academic and professional audience to leverage data-driven insights for enhanced decision-making. Researchers seeking to optimize performance and reliability while ensuring resource efficiency will find STATISTICA MultiStream an indispensable asset. Take the first step towards transformative process control by downloading a trial of STATISTICA MultiStream here.

STATISTICA MultiStream for Power Industries: Enhancing Multivariate Process Monitoring and Control
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